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EDGE FTS Mulch Master


New South Wales


SOILCO, an Australian manufacturer of organic soil, compost and mulch products have recently taken delivery of a new EDGE FTS65 Mulch Master supplied by FOCUS enviro. After researching the market for a suitable stockpiler; SOILCO have taken the decision to purchase the portable track feed conveyor.

The EDGE FTS provides SOILCO with a 20 metre conveyor with a discharge height of up to 10 meters and it will be used for stockpiling material from the company’s high speed shredders whilst also being an alternative solution for mixing product before and after composting.

Established in 1984 by the Emery family; SOILCO has developed an in-depth knowledge of composting and manufacturing quality assured soil, compost and mulch products. SOILCO now process a range of green, timber and food waste materials at licensed facilities in Nowra and Wollongong (NSW). When seeking to achieve working and space savings; SOILCO have chosen to make this capital investment in new processing equipment to complement it’s current process control infrastructure upgrades.

Project Highlights

Key outcomes and benefits of the project

SOILCO take delivery of an EDGE FTS65 Mulch Master

Utilised for mixing product and stockpiling material before and after composting

Reduced stockpiling time

Reduced maturation pad area requirement

Reduced composting footprint from 15,000m² to 5,000m²

Increased processing capacity by 20%

Reduction in labour demands, increased utilisation of equipment which in turned accelerated compost process

The Challenge

SOILCO wanted a solution that would enable them to increase their production capacity, cut stockpiling time and reduce their maturation pad area requirements. Traditionally they, like many other compost producers, utilised an open windrow composting method that was mechanically aerated by a windrow turner.

Upon reviewing this process, they observed several limitations. The height restriction of their stockpiles required a large area to be given over to their composting windrows. This led to investment in a static pile aeration technology that increases process efficiency and enables SOILCO to reduce its current composting footprint from approximately 15,000m2 to 5,000m2. To take full advantage of the aeration system installed the EDGE FTS Mulch Master will ensure materials are mixed and then quickly removed from the aerated pad.

Acquisition Decision

Through better utilisation of equipment on site and efficiently stockpiling materials; SOILCO projected an increase in production capacity by as much 20% without any further infrastructure investment whilst being able to produce compost at much lower cost per metre.

Vast reductions in the space required for their maturation pads by increasing the storage capacity of each stockpile without compaction was also achieved. Another notable benefit was their capacity to make full use of their aeration system by creating windrows that match the systems working parameters.  Time savings were achieved via the FTS Mulch Master’s much larger throughput capacity.

The FTS Mulch Master provided SOILCO with a solution that would cut down labour demands, increase utilisation of equipment and in turn accelerated their compost process. In review the FTS Mulch Master representative a much more economically and efficient “alternative” solution for SOILCO.

The Demo

After consulting with specialised equipment supplier FOCUS enviro, SOILCO agreed to a working demonstration of an EDGE FTS65 Mulch Master.

Fed directly by wheel loaders during the demo; the FTS65 Mulch Master created a windrow stockpile of up to 10m high with a throughput capacity of 600m³/hr. An average fuel consumption of just 20 litres per hour was recorded.

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