MTS140 Telescopic Conveyor


Create large “in-spec” stockpiles of product by eliminating the compaction, degradation, segregation and contamination of material

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Focus Enviro | Specialists in material processing equipment
Focus Enviro | Specialists in material processing equipment


EDGE Innovate’s MTS140 mobile telescopic stockpiler offers operators the most cost effective bulk material handling solution on the market. The MTS140 telescopic conveyor allows operators to achieve maximum stockpile creation using a robust, fully automated stockpiling solution. The MTS140 significantly reduces operational costs by reducing the doubling handling of material and enables operators to create large “in-spec” stockpiles of product by eliminating the compaction, degradation, segregation and contamination of material.

Boasting an array of design features, the MTS-Series spans a massive 140ft (42m) and encompasses two conveyors, an automated stockpiling control system, variable discharge height and the option of direct electric or diesel genset power sources.  The MTS140 utilises an easy to use HMI control panel for the selection of multiple stockpile programs and gives operators full control when creating precise stockpiles, for the loading of material to carrying vessels, barges or ships.  The EDGE MTS140 telescopic stockpiler allows operators to create stockpiles of up to 14.3m (47′1″) high at a rate of up to 1000TPH dependent upon feed material.

Whether it is; sand and gravel pit operators, aggregate producers, inland or port terminals; the EDGE MTS-Series is the perfect mobile stockpiling solution for operators seeking a high capacity bulk material transfer solution.


Key Highlights

Quick design feature overview

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Combines the ability to self-propel and the capacity to create massive radial stockpiles

Can be continually fed by any Primary / Secondary Crusher or Screener

140ft (42m) long conveyor with a capacity of up to 1000 TPH

Discharge height of up to 14.3m (47’1”).

User friendly control panel allows operators to select from a range of stockpile programs

Transports easily via low loader or packed in container for shipping with minimal reassembly required

Various Automatic Stockpile Programmes Available

  • 1

    Radial Windrows

  • 2

    Radial Conical

  • 3

    Inline Windrows

  • 4

    Inline Conical

  • 5

    Desegregated Windrow

  • 6

    Flat Windrow


The MTS140 is an ideal solution when working with the following applications

  • Aggregate

  • C & D Waste

  • Coal, Lime, Ores

  • Fertilizer

  • Grains

  • Sand & Gravel

  • Topsoil

  • Wood


Weight: 38 Tonne (48.9UST)

  • Transport length: 24.9M (81'8")
  • Transport width: 3.4M (12')
  • Transport height: 5M (16'4")
  • Working length: 42.2M (138'5")
  • Working width: MAX. 8M (27'6)
  • Working height: 14M (45'11")