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UNTHA PS1300 Shredder

The ultimate pallet shredding solution

A compact, powerful woodchipper, ideal for volume reduction, production of biomass and natural mulch.

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Focus Enviro | Specialists in material processing equipment
Focus Enviro | Specialists in material processing equipment


One of the neatest, most compact machines in UNTHA’s range, the single shaft PS1300 shredder has been specifically engineered to reduce wooden pallet scrap and minimise disposal costs.

With its extremely small footprint, this pallet shredder slots easily into any busy industrial facility and can process up to 30 pallets per hour to keep a tidy site and increase dumpster compaction rates.

Capable of also shredding cardboard and other wood scrap, the UNTHA PS1300 achieves a homogenous 80mm chip, ideal for heat recovery or landscaping mulch. Foreign objects such as nails and screws are no problem for the aggressive cutting system and can easily be extracted with an overband magnet on a discharge conveyor.


Key Highlights

Quick design feature overview


  • 1

    Wooden Pallet

  • 2

    Wooden Scrap

  • 3

    Cardboard Packaging



  • Drive Power (kW)
  • Rotor diameter (mm)
  • Speed (rpm)
  • Number of cutters
  • Feed opening (mm)
  • Screen diameter (mm)
  • Weight (kg)
  • Noise levels
  • 18
  • 300
  • 60
  • 36
  • 1324 X 220
  • 30mm with chip breakers
  • 1000
  • 82 DB(A)