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Largest track mounted trommel available in Australia

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Focus Enviro | Specialists in material processing equipment
Focus Enviro | Specialists in material processing equipment


The EDGE TRT622 track mounted trommel. Designed for maximum productivity and superior screening efficiency; the EDGE TRT622 has proven capabilities in the Australian market.

With a heavy duty construction design and high manoeuvrability; the TRT622 tracked trommel can cater for a wide range of applications including skip waste, construction and demolition waste, organics and aggregates. Enhance design features such as hydraulic load sensing an automatic start up ensure maximum uptime for operators with minimum supervision.

Fitted with a 6.9m (22’) long screen drum, with variable drum speed and screen angle provides superior screening results across a number of applications. Operators have the further choice of bolt in screen media and complete welded drums for heavier applications. If you require a mobile/wheeled trommel, have a look at the EDGE TRM622.


Key Highlights

Quick design feature overview


Screening efficiency is effected by the following; Screen Media and the percentage of near size particles, Drum Speed and Drum Angle. The smaller the particle in relation to the screen media aperture the greater the throughput compared to near size particles.

As drum rotational speed increases, so to does the screening efficiency up until the critical speed of the given material, after which it falls off sharply. At the critical speed, material remains stuck to the screen surface, and the trommel screen will plug. The angle of the drum, coupled with its diameter and rotational speed, determines how long feed material will remain in the drum and therefore the effects the screening efficiency.

  • 1

    screen aperture size

  • 2

    drum rotational speed

  • 3

    Material Velocity


The TRT622 is an ideal solution when working with the following applications

  • Aggregate

  • C & D Waste

  • Coal, Lime, Ores

  • Compost

  • MSW

  • Mulch

  • Sand & Gravel

  • Topsoil

  • Wood


Weight: 36.5 Tonne (40.2UST)

  • Transport length: 15.9m (52’2”)
  • Transport width: 2.9m (9’5”)
  • Transport height: 3.4m (11’2”)
  • Working length: 24.8m (81’2”)
  • Working width: 2.9m (9’5”)
  • Working height: 5m (16’5”)