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FP66 RC19104

High-Volume Features into a Mid-Sized Grinder

Combines “Perfect In One Pass”® grinding precision with user-friendly controls for consistent results.

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Focus Enviro | Specialists in material processing equipment
Focus Enviro | Specialists in material processing equipment


We designed the FP-66 to bring the streamlined processing capacity of our larger grinders to mid-volume recycling operations. The FP-66 is uniquely optimized for fuel efficiency and precision grinding. The rotor tooth arrangement, tip speed, and screen geometry are all engineered to maximize production capacity without sacrificing end product control. You won’t find this kind of operating and maintenance simplicity with other grinders in its class or even larger grinders with more horsepower

Key Highlights

Quick design feature overview

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Steel Slat Infeed Conveyor

Patented Adjustable Slab Ramp Infeed Plate

Patented Screen Installation System

Concentric Lift Powerfeed

Patented Replaceable Mount Rotor



  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Weight
  • 12.8 - 15.5 m
  • 3.0 - 3.4 m
  • 4.1 - 4.3 m
  • 25,855 - 39,463 kg

Power Supply

  • Diesel engine
  • Fuel capacity
  • PT Tech hydraulic clutch
  • Reversible radiator fan
  • 630 - 755 hp
  • 340 gal

Feed System

  • Infeed clearance
  • Steel belt infeed conveyor
  • Powerfeed roller
  • Nonparallel linkage arm powerfeed lift system
  • Hydraulic powerfeed up/down pressure
  • Engine load regulated variable feed speed
  • 168 x 76 cm
  • 168 cm x 4.9 m
  • 168 x 81 cm