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Mobile mid-size trommel with proven capabilities in recycling, composting and C&D applications

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Focus Enviro | Specialists in material processing equipment
Focus Enviro | Specialists in material processing equipment


The EDGE TRM516 Mobile Trommel provides operators with a highly flexibility screening solution on a wheel mounted chassis.

Perfect for those end users constrained for space; the mid-size TRM516 mobile trommel boasts a number of design features such as a sixteen foot long drum, four wheel direct drive system, hydraulic variable speed control drum and feeder conveyor with load sensing controls as standard. With various screen media options available; the TRM516 has a proven track record in recycling, composting and C&D industries.

Thanks to the TRM516 mobile trommels 180° radial fines discharge conveyor; operators can stockpile higher for longer. For those operators seeking a track unit version, please see our TRT516 page.


Key Highlights

Quick design feature overview

When to Trommel

The purpose of any screening operation is separating an incoming product stream into two or more fractions based on size. But which separation technique provides the most efficient separation process.

Trommel screens provide the most efficient separation technique in the following applications especially if there is the presence of moisture, paper, wood chip, plastic or clay.

  • 1


  • 2


  • 3

    Wood chip

  • 4

    Plastic or Clay


The TRM516 is an ideal solution when working with the following applications

  • Aggregate

  • C & D Waste

  • Coal, Lime, Ores

  • Compost

  • MSW

  • Mulch

  • Sand & Gravel

  • Topsoil

  • Wood


Weight: 18.5 Tonne (20.3UST)

  • Transport length: 15.5m (51”)
  • Transport width: 2.3m (7’7”)
  • Transport height: 4m (13’1”)
  • Working length: 23.4m (76’9”)
  • Working width: 2.3m (7’7”)
  • Working height: 23.4m (76’9”)