Improve commodity recovery with a robust, durable, long lasting Picking Station

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Focus Enviro | Specialists in material processing equipment
Focus Enviro | Specialists in material processing equipment


The EDGE MPS48 is a robust, durable, long lasting and user-friendly Picking Station. Boasting a range of features, the MPS has been uniquely designed so that Picking Bays can easily be added or removed in line with changing customer requirements. This unique feature enhances the versatile nature of the MPS meaning it can fit pretty much any scenario.

It can be fitted with a multitude of options such as roofing, lighting, insulated air conditioned, air Separators & over-band magnets, additional access points. Operators can choose from hydraulic or electric driven powersources. Protecting workers is an essential part of the waste management industry with mobile picking stations being a vital component to ensuring best safety practice is followed at any site.


Key Highlights

Quick design feature overview

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fully modular, mobile picking station

low feed in height - can be feed by any crusher, screener or trammel

heavy duty input section with impact bed at feedboot with addition support legs as std.

flexible working heights to suit a range of skips and bins

belt width of 1200mm (48”)

innovative “sea-can friendly” design for global export


The MPS48 is an ideal solution when working with the following applications

  • C & D Waste

  • C & I Waste

  • Green Waste

  • MSW

  • Wood


Weight: 12 Tonne (13.2UST)

  • Transport length: 18.2m (59’9”)
  • Transport width: 2.3m (7’7”)
  • Transport height: 2.8m (9’2”)
  • Working length: 16.3m (53’5”)
  • Working width: 3.3m (10’10”)
  • Working height: 2.8m (9’2”)