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In January 2018, the City of Cockburn took delivery of a mobile processing plant supplied by FOCUS Enviro for the separation of contaminants from their FOGO (Food Organics and Garden Organics) waste stream.

A council area home to just over 100,000 residents; the City of Cockburn located in Western Australia in the southern suburbs of the city of Perth has taken delivery of a mobile processing plant supplied by FOCUS enviro for the separation of contaminants from their GO (Garden Organics) waste stream.

In July 2016, the City of Cockburn made the decision to introduce a third green waste bin collected fortnightly to capture their resident’s garden organic waste. Items that could be placed in the new lime green lid bin included grass clippings, weeds, twigs and sticks, prunings, cuttings and trimmings. The new 240 litre garden waste bin will be rolled out over the next four years.

The City takes the garden organics collected from the green-lidded organics bin and decontaminates the greenwaste, so that it may be converting it into a high quality compost by others. Previously, this garden waste was processed with waste from the general waste bin at an alternate treatment facility into low value compost. The new decontamination plant has allowed the City of Cockburn to successfully increase their quality of their GO waste stream therefore improving the potential sale price for the composting process by others.

Project Highlights

Key outcomes and benefits of the project

EDGE TRT622 Track Trommel and EDGE MPS48 Picking Station utilised to remove contaminants from FOGO waste.

Improved employee health and safety

Improved working conditions

Improved presentation of waste stream to enable effective sorting

Improved production capacity

Ability to create a higher quality compost product

Creation of new venue stream with recovery of ferrous metal

Processing oversize material at a rate of 25 Tonnes/hr


Prior to the delivery of the 3rd garden waste bin an extensive education programme was rolled out to the residents to clarify what waste items should be placed into the 3 respective bins. Inevitably, contaminates still make their way into the garden waste bin.

In order to make a product suitable for conversion into high quality compost, the City of Cockburn sought to remove those contaminants at the most earliest stage possible before rendering the mulch useless. Common contaminants found in the waste stream include plastics, small pieces of metal, garden gloves, flower pots, nappies and glass.

To facilitate the separation of these contaminants, the City of Cockburn invested in an EDGE TRT622 tracked mounted trommel and an EDGE MPS48 modular 4 bay picking station supplied by specialised waste and organics equipment supplier, FOCUS enviro. Health and Safety was a high priority within the City of Cockburn’s tender. With an EDGE mobile picking station, the Council are able to ensure the best practice OH&S.

Separation Process

In order to successfully extract the contaminants from the waste stream, material must be suitably presented to the picking team to ensure maximum visibility.

To facilitate this, the garden waste is fed into the EDGE TRT622 track trommel using an excavator or loader where material is separated into two fractions; a fines material (grass cutting etc.) and an oversize material. The fines material is discharged and stockpiled via the TRT622 radial fines conveyor at the rear of the trommel and set aside for a residents to use free of charge. To prevent glass breakages the EDGE TRT622 trommel drum has been customised to reduce this likelihood.

The oversize material is fed via the trommel oversize discharge conveyor into the EDGE MPS48 picking station where a team of up to 6 manual pickers sort through unwanted material in a controlled environment at a rate of 25 tonnes per hour.

Safety and Efficency

With average temperatures in Perth ranging from 13°C to 30°C, the EDGE MPS48 sorting station was supplied with added features including a fully enclosed cabin, glazing, lighting, heating and air conditioned units.

This protects workers, within the cabin, working in enclosed, lit and well ventilated area. The enclosed cabin offer vastly improved working conditions with reduce exposure to dust, noise and climate conditions for workers.

What Our Clients Say

Don't just take our word for it
  • With improved working conditions and better presentation of material, contamination removal is greatly improved. Operators can comfortably remove any plastics, glass and unwanted items to allow for further recycling. The unit is equipped with a frame to install a final over-band magnet if required to remove ferrous contamination and protects the downstream shredding process from high wear, downtime and associated maintenance costs.

    Robbie McKernan, Focus Enviro

  • Of the tenderers received, only FOCUS enviro demonstrated significant experience in managing a greenwaste stream and constructing a decontamination plant. FOCUS enviro had built, operated and supplied plants in Victoria (Aus), Birmingham (UK) and general waste stream plants locally. As a result, FOCUS was able to describe in detail the problems associated with decontaminating greenwaste by utilizing a sorting station. Referees were consulted and the information gathered confirmed Focus was experienced in delivering this type of project on time, and on budget. Focus also offered a source for the purchase of spare parts if they are not available locally. FOCUS enviro provided the best value for the City and was subsequently awarded the tender.

    Lyall Davieson, City of Cockburn Waste Manager

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