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New South Wales


New South Wales rich earth producer; JR Richards & Sons has seen a sizeable improvement in production capacity across multiple sites with the purchase of an EDGE TRM516 wheeled trommel supplied by FOCUS enviro. JR Richards & Sons wanted to increase their production capacity at their sites.

The challenge they needed to overcome was; how would they increase production whilst utilising the same production area? Launched in 2012, rich earth suppliers JR Richards has gone from strength to strength with the establishment of two organic processing facilities across New South Wales.

JR Richards operate a number of organic domestic kerbside collection services with the company growing from the development of the Grafton Organics Recycling Facility (ORF) on the NSW Mid-North Coast and the successful tender of the Orange City Council’s organics processing contract. Between the two sites; JR Richards & Sons produce in access, of 30,000 tonnes of high quality rich earth compost per annum.

Project Highlights

Key outcomes and benefits of the project

JR Richards & Sons wanted to increase their production capacity across multiple sites without expanding production areas

Investment of an EDGE TRM516 wheel mounted trommel

Improved storage pad cycle rates by improved screening capacity

Improved screening capacity from 50m³ to 105m³

Screening capacity improved by 50%

Improved screening capacity across multiple locations thanks to easy portability


JR Richards & Sons wanted to increase their production capacity at their sites. The challenge; how to increase production whilst utilising the same production area? Compost stockpiles can only be stored on licensed saturation pads, so how did JR Richards & Sons increase production capacity without investing and licensing new storage pads?

Consulting with specialised equipment supplier FOCUS enviro, JR Richards & Sons came up with the solution. They needed to improve their storage pad cycle rates. To achieve this, screening capacity needed to be improved. By being able to screen their compost windrows for finish fines quicker than they did in the past and improving just one stage of their process; JR Richards & Sons were able to improve production by becoming more efficient at what they do. With the EDGE TRM516 Trommel’s superior screening capacity; production improved from 50m³ to 105m³ per hour. In reality this equated to processing two windrows in the same time it took JR Richards & Sons old screen unit to process just one. The TRM516 effectively increased their screening production by 50%.

Mobility - A key acquisition Criterion

The importance of a wheel mounted Trommel that is quickly and easily transportable was a key factor in JR Richards & Sons purchase decision.

By opting for a mobile Trommel, they were able to boost the production capacity not just in one site but, in a number of locations without investing large capital; which undoubtedly it would have taken to purchase separate units for each of their sites.

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