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A constant stream of construction and demolition (C&D) waste material arrives at the Repurpose It Epping recycling hub near Melbourne – over 100 deliveries a day. By installing an EDGE recycling system supplied by FOCUS enviro, the site is now able to not only process this material more efficiently and gain value from sending up to 85% of the material for recycling but it also does it with improved safety.

With the volume of material being accepted at the Epping recycling hub increasing; Repurpose it made the decision to purchase an EDGE MPS48 sorting station to support the recovery of a greater volume of material whilst ensuring the safety of their staff from the ever increasing volume of traffic on the site. “We realised we needed to provide a safe and comfortable working environment for the pickers to remove the contaminations from our C&D waste stream” explains Patrick Malanaphy, operations manager at Repurpose It. The latest plant addition is the forth successful installation carried out by FOCUS enviro using EDGE technology in less than one year at the Cooper street site. The equipment allows Repurpose it to, process and recover C&D materials for further processing and to sell these materials onto the local secondary aggregates market.

Project Highlights

Key outcomes and benefits of the project

EDGE TRT622 Track Trommel and EDGE MPS48 Picking Station utilised to remove contaminants

Improved employee health and safety

Improved working conditions

Improved presentation of waste stream to enable effective sorting

Improved production capacity


When it came to specifying the screen to handle the volume and ability to handle heavy loads, Repurpose It requested some special modifications to the EDGE TRT622 trommel screen. For a start, the screen area needed to be as large as possible to remove the inert fines. The EDGE TRT622 was unequalled with its 6.7×1.8 meter drum providing over 37 square meters of screening area. Other requests included a heavy duty replaceable punch plate screens with no lifters or internal scrolls/cork screws.

“When something like a curb stone or concrete post gets into a drum with lifters it can get picked up, dropped and damage the mesh plates, while clay/sticky materials can cause blockages with other trommel screens” says Patrick. The investment in the EDGE TRT622 has dramatically assisted with increasing the tonnage capability on site, delivered profitability to the old process and resulted in even greater recycling figures.

“We chose FOCUS enviro because of their understanding of our process, experience and support of the EDGE equipment on site.” – Patrick Malanaphy


After a few months of successful onsite screening using the EDGE TRT622, Repurpose It approached FOCUS enviro about installing a sorting station to segregate contamination and recover recyclable materials from the C&D stream.

“Our main objective with the new sorting station was health and safety. We were hand picking and using excavators to manually remove the contaminants from the incoming materials being tipped on the floor. We had four people on the floor with machinery working in the area and trucks tipping. We needed a system that would separate our pickers from the machinery to provide a safe working environment.” – Patrick commented.

Working with Repurpose It and the design team at EDGE, FOCUS enviro provided a customised system to match the process requirements on site. At first Patrick needed some convincing that this would be the right concept so FOCUS enviro invited Repurpose It to another EDGE MPS installation in Melbourne to see the EDGE MPS48 system in operation. The EDGE MPS48 is designed specifically for multiple sized separation of mixed waste or single stream recyclable materials. Screened C&D waste material is delivered onto the heavy duty feed hopper of the EDGE MPS48 sorting station.

The material is then conveyed to a 4 bay double sided picking station which can accommodate 1-16 people. The pickers drop the different materials into the relevant bays below. There are bins for each of the following; clean wood, dirty wood, cardboard, plastics, metals and rubbish. The clean heavy material passes under a high powered over-band magnet ensuring maximum recovery of non-ferrous metals.

What Our Clients Say

Don't just take our word for it
  • “FOCUS enviro together with EDGE Innovate have worked closely with us on developing our C&D processing lines which form and integral part of the Repurpose It recycling process. The equipment and levels of service supplied by FOCUS enviro have been to specification and extremely professional. We look forward to working with FOCUS enviro on future installations.”

    George Hazimanolis, Co-Founder and CEO of Repurpose

  • “Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past 12 months, it would be impossible not to hear about the growth and impact Repurpose it has made on the waste and recycling industry here in Victoria! We are very honoured to be associated, even in a small way, with the success story of Repurpose It so far and hopefully we will be in a few more chapters to come!

    Ronan McKenna, State Manager for FOCUS enviro

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